Comprehensive History


The dream of a grand baseball stadium materialized amidst the frustration, inspiration and determination of Walter O’Malley, whose creation of Dodger Stadium would become the crown jewel in a four-decade career in the major leagues.

It was the first privately-financed baseball venue since Yankee Stadium in 1923 and its fundamental amenities were designed for the fan, including a revolutionary concept of multi-level parking lots and an unobstructed view from any of the 56,000 seats. The Dodgers have the highest cumulative fan attendance in MLB history. Those millions of fans who have visited the ballpark since it opened in 1962 reflect how the home of the Dodgers became woven into the fabric of everyday life for the residents of Los Angeles and its surrounding communities.

While the faces wearing Dodger uniforms may change with the passage of time, generations have shared the breathtaking images of the 300-acre facility, nestled within the surrounding hills.

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